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“We are making great progress on our mission to organically grow entrepreneurship & innovation and our pace and depth is accelerating. So we are always looking for new entrepreneurial and passionate people, locally and around the world to join us.

 The Firm Creators are entrepreneurial people whose primary role is in creating new business via creating new startups or scaling growing companies, having significant and direct stake in the actual business success. Like founders and other key owners in a company; entrepreneurs, key management, investors and board members.

Compared to Support Providers or project or business Developers – TF Creators primary perspective, role and focus is within one or more companies for longer period of time. Or depending on their specific role, within few companies at a time. Especially in case of being a founder, early team member or an investor.

 TF Creators often collaborate with Support Providers – especially serial entrepreneurs and business angels, where they commonly have roles as mentors, advisors, board members etc., to share their expertise for Support Providers and for other Business Creators, to build relationships and connect with new talent and early startups with whom to work with.

Being involved in the broader business group is about “giving back” and building reputation for personal business profile, for related support functions and for communities as a whole.

 ” Because we want it, we need it, we desire Partnerships to grow each other’s businesses”

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