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When you own or run a business, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. The Firm Fixers are a fully resourced team of battle-hardened business fixers with international C-level experience in finance, corporate law, sales, marketing, IT, and compliance. Our mission is straightforward – we fix difficulties in owner-managed businesses that cause pain, frustration, and paralysis, simply costing unwanted time and money. Once these difficulties are resolved within budget and legal compliance, you’ll have the free headspace to apply all your energy and focus on driving your core business forward, unleashing its full potential and achieving higher goals. We only help you to be a dedicated entrepreneur while we fix the difficulties that prevent you from doing what you do best.


Focus, Clarity, Results, Strategy Development & Execution, Change Management, People Problems, Sales and contract Problems, Operations Problems, Finance or Numbers Problems, and Turnaround

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Lijnbaan 129 -131
3012 EN Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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