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Business fixers are a unique breed of professionals who specialize in solving complex problems for companies and individuals. Unlike the fictional characters portrayed on television, real-life business fixers possess extensive international experience and are highly educated. We can predict issues and find solutions regardless of the situation’s difficulty.

At our firm, we cater to a wide range of clients, from small and medium-sized businesses to high-value individuals. Our domain of expertise includes legal, sales, finance, IT, and security, and we have a vast network of bright professionals both locally and internationally to call upon when needed.

We are frequently called upon to resolve internal conflicts, contracts, tax and financial difficulties, conflicts with partners or key stakeholders, and potential bankruptcy. We work on an hourly fixed rate, on a retainer, and sometimes on a “no cure, no pay basis.”

In short, we are a one-stop shop for all your business troubles so that you can focus on your core business. Our extensive experience and network of professionals ensure that we can tackle any issue that comes our way. Whether you’re a small or medium business owner or a high-value individual, we can help you navigate the tricky waters of the business world and emerge victorious.

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I led and oversaw the work of 50+ startups, advising them on how to achieve growth and revenue.

I helped young and start-again entrepreneurs turn ideas to venture by developing strategies and providing advice on decision-making, design, and mindset. As a result, some of them raised multimillion valuations in the pre-seed phase.

I genuinely love the opportunity to collaborate with the startup founders and founding teams. In addition, I am a senior consultant with 25+ yrs of experience as a serial entrepreneur. The program’s business mentors are available for startups requiring expertise and mentorship in a particular aspect of their journey to success.

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