Brian Ceder A word from our CEO

I’m the to-go guy that empowers innovators, artists, and dreamers.

I am first a serial entrepreneur with a solid international track record of success, and second a trained corporate investor from a top US investment firm. Furthermore, I believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance to pursue their dream and make history. The playing field is not level, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can start by designing a custom space to nurture innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers. Hereby we can accelerate and stimulate innovation and change at scale, across companies, communities, local, and worldwide.

Our company, The Firm Commerce Communications (global corporate warriors, fixers, and executives), is a unique start-up and start-again management firm. We dream and breathe innovation at scale. I did not write any books about my methods and have not won any major prizes. But I have nourished and created groups, people, and companies that have become exceptionally successful in what they do.

The approach of my global team and I allow us to find opportunities, craft concepts, build strategies, relationships and create tangibles and bankable results. We have a unique organizational DNA, and we are looking forward to meeting you and if we have shared values and goals we would like to work with you.


” Entrepreneurship is not easy and surely not for the faint-hearted, but so rewarding and addictive when done successfully”

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